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Financial Aid & Awards

Financial Aid for Professional Development

We support Maine's Library staff by providing the Phyllis E. Ainsworth Scholarship for Maine residents pursuing a degree in library science, and by offering grants to attend our annual conference. Scholarships are supported, administered and conferred by the Scholarship Committee.

Phyllis E. Ainsworth Scholarship

A $2,000 scholarship for Maine Residents seeking a graduate degree in Library Sciences. 

Conference Grants

Grants of up to $250 to help defray the cost of MLA membership or annual conference attendance. 


We are pleased to recognize outstanding contributions to Maine's Libraries with annual awards, conferred at our annual conference.

Outstanding Librarian of the Year Award

Recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions to the Maine Library Community.

Outstanding Library Advocate Award

New in 2022, this award is meant to recognize contributions to Maine Libraries from outside of the library profession.

Journalism Award

Awarded between 2013 and 2021, this award recognized the most outstanding print or broadcast story about Maine Libraries.

Youth Services Section Awards

The Youth Services Section also recognizes the contributions of Maine authors and illustrators to youth literature.

The Lupine Award

Awarded to recognize a Maine author or illustrator of a juvenile or young adult work which features Maine.

The Katahdin Award

A life-time achievement award given to a Maine author or illustrator for an outstanding body of work in children's literature. 

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