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The Maine Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee has the general charge to support intellectual freedom as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association. Some of our goals are to:

  • Foster an understanding of, and commitment to, the principles of intellectual freedom
  • Promote and extend the principles of social justice, equity, and anti-racism as a requisite for intellectual freedom
  • Promote and extend the principle that the individual has a right to information
  • Promote and extend the principle that it is the responsibility of each individual to determine for him/herself what he/she will read, see or hear
  • Promote and extend the principle that it is the responsibility of librarians to make accessible the widest possible variety of materials, information, and ideas; and to give the highest priority to the freedom of inquiry for our patrons and for all people

We also provide information and guidance to libraries in which a book or other informational or artistic object’s (art, sculpture, periodical, etc.) presence is challenged, and serve as a conduit for Intellectual Freedom matters generated by the American Library Association and other reliable sources.

The Intellectual Freedom Committee also generates original materials that may be of use to Maine librarians in helping to better educate themselves and their patrons about Intellectual Freedom matters.



This document has information to help support you in this process.

Privacy in the Digital Age

"Privacy in the Digital Age (2016)" is a slide presentation with notes that discusses ways to think about privacy in today’s world. 

Library Security Checklist

This document shares strategic tips and actions for maintaining library security.

Intellectual Freedom Issues in Libraries

“Intellectual Freedom Issues in Libraries (2016)” offers an overview of some of the Intellectual Freedom issues that librarians face today. 

Report & Support

The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) encourages everyone to report any and all challenges to materials, online resources (including databases), programs, speakers, displays, reading lists, and author visits. MLA works closely with the ALA OIF to support Maine libraries that receive challenges.

Use of these materials

These materials can be used as background information, or may be copied or excerpted for activities such as library programs or presentations for the public or library staff. These are PDF files that contains both slides and presenter notes. These materials are offered under a Creative Commons license (CC BY). Use it as you see fit but please credit the source.

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