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MLA Wage Study Released

29 Nov 2023 10:25 AM | Sonya Durney (Administrator)

MLA is pleased to present the Library Wage Study  performed by Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI). The study, initiated to address the complexities of compensation within Maine’s public libraries, has resulted in key insights and recommendations that we hope will serve as a valuable tool for both library directors striving to ensure fair wages for their employees and job seekers exploring opportunities within our vibrant library community.

The study encompassed a thorough examination of key benchmark positions across public libraries in Maine, with a focus on developing pay and classification systems. Research extended to New England states, offering a regional perspective. Job descriptions for primary positions were crafted by MRI to serve as models for libraries, covering essential functions, qualification requirements, and work environment factors.

The report emphasizes the importance of internal equity, ensuring fair compensation practices among current employees, and external equity, aligning with market values for similar positions in the broader workforce. A pay and classification plan is proposed as a foundation for equitable compensation. The plan aims to ensure "equal pay for equal work," with periodic reviews to maintain relevance.

Recognizing the evolving economic landscape, it is essential to note that the data collected for FY23 is a snapshot in time. To maintain the validity of wage measures, adjustments for the yearly increase in the Consumer Price Index or the Maine minimum wage are recommended.

The study would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our MLA Library Wage Subcommittee: Kate Wing (Chair), Wynter Giddings, Sonya Durney, Lee Koenigs, Steve Norman, and Michelle Conners. MLA is sincerely grateful to Carol Granfield of  Municipal Resources, Inc. for the time dedicated to this project and for grappling with the complexity of our requests.

This report will serve as a valuable resource for our library community.

Maine Library Association Wage Study 10-2023 FINAL revised 1-24.pdf

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